The Ratio of Outsourced Solutions in Company Information Systems and its Trends

Miloš Koch, Zuzana Chvátalová

Článek převzatý z konference 15th International Conference at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Buisness and Management, May 28-29, 2015 Brno, Czech Republic Perspectives of Business and Entrepreunership Development.

A leading thought in the sphere of information systems is now Cloud Computing. This parallels the development of Enterprise Resource Planning systems in the past decade. The commercial models of Cloud Computing, especially PAAS, can appear to be, from the viewpoint of small companies, an attractive version of running information systems. The results show that ratio of external IS securing does not represent a major part of the whole. The reasons for this have been published many times – it is, above all, the worry over information safety, and a high dependency on suppliers. In the article, the acquired data is discussed, as well as the basic factors that discourage companies from operating informatics systems. The survey, conducted since 2010, has been using samples of randomly chosen companies. This has formed a part of the author’s research into information systems effectiveness.
The Zefis portal uses methods, which consider company's information system as a union of the subsystems and defines the various degrees of the information system balance, and uses quantitative methods. Users communicate using a questionnaire. Results are described verbally and visualized.
Scientific aim Analyse results of a survey focused on the ratio of outsourced solutions of company informationsystems and its reasons.
In the paper we demonstrate the proportion of external use of IS on the market. The results are based on the questionnaire research among cca 2000 companies mainly from Czech and Slovak Republics in the years 2010-2015. If we think about the causes of low usage of this solution by companies, we must consider factors going against this solution.
The results show that the ratio of external IS securing does not represent a major part of the whole, and that it does not greatly increase in time still.